Zoom signup and tutorials
Zoom Free allows for 100 participants. The only limit is 40 minutes on groups of more than 3. Use app or browser.

Google Hangouts signup
 Allows for up to 10 people on video calls

 Skype signup
 Free Skype allows for up to 50 participants.

Facetime (Apple) for groups tutorial

Straight forward tips for running online meetings



Google Docs login
Here you have Google Docs (text) and Google sheets (spreadsheets). The big advantage of Google Docs is that changes are made live and can be seen by the whole team. It’s functionality is not as powerful as Excel, but it is better for simultaneous editing.

Google Drive login
Good for storing and sharing files. Dropbox does the same thing. 

Dropbox free signup
Dropbox is a great way of sharing files with each other in a shared folder. The files update almost instantly. However, you can not edit files together.


Whiteboard by miro
Whiteboards are great for showing a graphic and marking it up together.

Ether Pad
These are simple web pages that everybody can write on at the same time. Try this free on here (no signup required, just give it a name) or other instances here.






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