Thinking about doing a PhD?

A Phd is the fundamental training course for scientists. In management research, this is the training to become a social scientist. A PhD thesis is in effect the students supporting documentation in an application to become a member of the social scientist community. The central assessment of a PhD is its original contribution to theory/knowledge. Through the efforts of many social scientists, all presenting their small original contribution, the field evolves. The video below is a short talk given by Rachel Pyke (a climate change scientist) and is a wonderful explanation of how knowledge is built up in a field.


To get an idea of what a PhD entails it is worth talking to students who are coming towards the end of their studies. They will be able to give you a perspective on what is involved over the course of your studies. There are a number of books on the market to describe the PhD process.

How to Get a PhD by Phillips and Pugh is an excellent starter and not a particularly difficult read.

If you want the shortest description ever, take a look at this Illustrated Guide to a PhD.

There is a little bit more about how to write a thesis here.

It is also pretty easy to find Open Access thesis repositories.

If you want to look at one, my thesis is available here.


For more information in the NUIM School of Business PhD application process go to



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